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Coquerel Eau-de-vie Cidre de Normandie

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70cl - 41% vol.

Tasting Notes

Nose : fresh apple, intense cider notes
Mouth : apple compote, full bodied, baked fruits
Finish : apple, pears, long

“Give some fresh and crispy apple aromas, please! Historically, Calvados was not or almost not aged in oak before being consumed. It was only in the 1970s that the AOC specifications imposed the producers to age their eau-de-vie in oak for a minimum of two years in order to have the right to claim the AOC Calvados on their labels. Thus, we wanted to reproduce our apple brandy just as it tasted in the 50s and 60s, not aged and often at a high proof.”

Coquerel pear

In cocktail
  • 4 cl Coquerel Eau-de-vie de Cidre
  • 9 cl Freshly squeezed pear juice