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Signature Blend VSOP

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70cl - 40% vol.

“A great Calvados is above all a great cider. The assembly of COQUEREL VSOP was imagined by my grandfather. He wanted to create the perfect harmony between the freshness of the apple and the notes of sweet spices brought by the small French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

At nose :cooked apple, pepper
In mouth : candied fruit, sweet spices
Finale : gourmet, dried fruits

Normand Mule

And cocktail
  • 6 cl of Coquerel calvados VSOP
  • 12 cl de Ginger Beer
  • 1 cl squeezed lime
  • Slices of apple and lime
  • copper cup

SQUEEZE the lime juice and place the skin in the bottom of the glass. ADD 2 or 3 ice cubes. POUR in the Calvados Coquerel VSOP. LONGER with Ginger Beer. DECORATE with apple and lemon slices.