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Pomme d'Eve


Pomme d’Eve

Pomme d’Eve, an ode to the forbidden fruit. The apple, central product of the Maison Coquerel, is nestled in the center of the flask and flavours subtly our calvados.

Tasting notes

  • Aspect

    Light gold and louminous tint

  • Nose

    Fruity, vanilla

  • Mouthfeel

    Powerful, fresh and exceptional length

  • Serving

    To be served pure or with ice or as a long drink with tonic or as a cocktail base

Tasting advice

by our cellar master.

“ While tasting Cocquerel Pomme d’Eve, you rapidly perceive the fresh apple taste associated with the vanilla notes, that result from its first months of aging in young oak – fine grain barrels.
The Fine aromas are enhanced in this flask. ”

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