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La Capricieuse


La Capricieuse XO

Capricieuse XO, aromatic richness and visual elegance sublimed by a ligilineal carafe, decorated by a hand blown apple.

Tasting notes

  • Aspect

    Subtly aged gold with sparkling ambered glints

  • Nose

    Lovely attack on the palate with notes of candied apple and hazelnuts evolving towards lemon, dark chocolate and caramel aromas

  • Mouthfeel

    Round and fruity at first, letting the subtilities of this eau de vie develop themselves afterwards

  • Serving

    To be served pure

Tasting advice

by our cellar master.

« La Capricieuse XO results from the blend of eau de vie aged of a minimum of 6 years that I selected in order for them to be in perfect balance between visual elegance and aromatic richness »

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